Deposit and Withdrawal Real Money in Lodi646?

Deposit and Withdrawal

There are people who play games in online casinos like Lodi646 for fun or to try to win real money. People who want to play must know how to put real money and withdraw real money to enjoy their winnings. Here are the steps a player needs to take to add real money to their Lodi646 account.

How to Deposit Real Money in Lodi646?

How to Deposit Real Money in Lodi646?
  1. Log in to your Lodi646 Account. 
  2. Left-click or hover on your username.
  3. Head on to the deposit button..
  4. Choose any of the payment options available on the platform.
  5. Bind your Lodi646’s account to your desired payment option.
  6. Enter the amount you want to deposit. (the minimum amount is P200, depending on the payment method,, and the maximum amount ranges from PHP30,000 to PHP300,000,000, depending on the deposit method)
  7. Click on “Next Step”
  8. Provide the Gcash number when using Gcash. (You also need to provide the respective account number when using other deposit methods.)
  9. Next,click on “Pay Now”
  10. Provide the account’s PIN number or accomplish any other requirements.

Lodi646 Withdrawal Method

Lodi646 Withdrawal Method

It usually only takes a minute to get your money out of Lodi646. This could still be different, though, and it could take longer than a few minutes depending on how many people want to cash out their gains.Most people who gamble at Lodi646 will only be able to use one way to cash out their gains. The person can only do this if they use Gcash.

  • Bank name (Gcash)
  • Gcash Number
  • OTP

VIP members can withdraw through bank transfer to move huge amounts of money instead of relying on Gcash.

How to Withdraw Real Money from Lodi646 ?

How to Withdraw Real Money from Lodi646 ?
  1. You may log in to your Lodi646’s account and click the profile section.
  2.  Hover on the username
  3.  Next, click on “Withdrawal”
  4. Left-click on “One-click collection” to collect all the balance from the different providers to the main wallet.
  5. You can choose Lodi646’s withdrawal channel (Online banking or E-Wallet).
  6.  Left-click on “Next Step”
  7. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and any additional information that may be required, such as your bank account details or your e-wallets.
  8. Input the transaction password.
  9. Review the withdrawal request and confirm it.

Administrative expenses might apply when withdrawing money.

Deposit and withdrawal Bonus Money from Lodi646 Pro?

Players who use gaming bonuses must first meet the rollover requirements before they can cash out the bonus money as real money. Bonus money can be withdrawn easily and quickly once the standards have been met. Rebates work the same way, needing gamblers to build up a large enough balance before they can cash it out.

VIP Player Bank Transaction

VIP players don’t have to use Gcash to get cash out; they can use real money from their bank accounts instead. This is helpful because VIP high-rollers will usually want to take more money than Gcash lets them. This way, they can keep their money safe in a bank account instead of an electronic wallet.

VIP gamblers usually get paid more, so they need to call customer service to get their money sent to their bank accounts.


Players can get their bonus money by meeting the rollover standards and then taking the money out as usual.

People who want to play should contact customer service right away if they forget their transaction password or have any other problems with the withdrawal process. If they get an error, they should look at the mistake’s details and either try to fix it themselves or call customer service right away. Another reason could be that players don’t have enough money in their accounts to withdraw, especially if they are charged a fee for doing so.


Congratulations on making it through the sign-up and login processes with the help of Lodi646’s detailed guide! As you start your exciting trip into the world of online casinos, it’s important to remember how important it is to play responsibly. Responsible gaming means playing in a way that you enjoy, stays within your means, and is aware of the risks that come with gambling. You can keep your gaming a source of fun rather than stress by making smart choices about how you spend your time and money. Additionally, you should always put the safety of your account first by following the safety steps suggested by Lodi646. This means keeping your password safe, using two-factor login, and taking care of any problems or concerns right away. To get the most out of your time at an online casino, you should be responsible when you play and keep your account safe. Happy games, and may your time spent playing be both fun and learned!